Chapter 23: Broken Family

The paternity test was negative. Nick wasn’t Izzy’s father. In the Divorce all Nick wanted was the money we got when he sold his house. unfortunately to get it I had to sell my house. I put some of our stuff in storage but I sold the majority of our things. Hayley was outgrowing her nursery anyway and there wasn’t going to be room for it all in the new place.


A small two bedroom apartment. To be honest I wished I had looked at the interior pictures before I bought the place. It was certainly smaller than I expected. And smaller than Hayley expected as well.


“Mummy, I don’t like it here. I want to go home!”

“We are home sweetie.”


“It doesn’t feel like home.”


I hugged her, gently kissing her forehead. She was too young to understand.


The furniture was supposed to have arrived today, but since it hadn’t I set up a tent and put the travel cot inside. Hayley got all excited when I said we were going camping!


About a week after we had moved in and all our stuff was set up I took Isabelle for a hearing test. We found out she had quite significant hearing loss in both ears. Since she wasn’t born like this, the paediatrician thought it may have been the background noise of the life support equipment in the neonatal ward. She was fitted for hearing aids and I was given a large book on sign language. I don’t want to do the implant. If Isabelle wants to when she’s older she can.


It took Izzy a little while to get used to the feeling of something in her ears. And being able to hear sounds. But once she was used to it she pretty much forgot they were there and would happily watch T.V with Hails. Without trying to pull them out.



She was also picking up some sign language. Hayley got so frustrated trying to teach her ‘sister’.


“Tista Izzy. You do! Tista”


“No not miwk Izzy! Tista! Like tis! ’cause me your big tista! You do Izzy! Tista!”

It would continue like this until Hayley got too annoyed and stormed off to play by herself. A few days later Hayley woke me up at like 6 o’clock.

“Mummy! She can do it! Mummy come see!”



“Thats right Izzy! Me your big tista!”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Broken Family

  1. Hey, I came back and got caught up on this story.

    The tragedy comes across in the flat way that Erin skips all the details of her breakup. She sounds like she’s just barely getting through.

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