Chapter 25: Time to meet your father…

It was a few months after Hayley’s birthday when I saw it on the news. Jason Dinozzo’s tour had ended and he was returning to his home in Roaring Heights. Isabelle would be three soon and soon she will start asking me about her dad. Hayley was already starting to but I just brushed it off. I don’t know what to tell Hayley since I can’t say anything about the Doctors and technically they are her father.



It wasn’t going to be like that with Isabelle though. She was going to know her dad. After reading the newspaper everday she found out he was going to be at the library on Wednesday at 10am to release his biography. I was going to be there with Izzy. I would have to ask the neighbour if she would take Hayley to school with her kids. I’m sure she won’t mind. I can always say I have a Doctor Appointment for Izzy.

The weekend passed normally. I took the girls to the toyshop and got Hayley a kite(Perfect for these windy autumn days) and Isabelle a Fairy Teddy. (She wanted the fairy so why not?) Then I took them to McDonald’s for dinner.

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-59 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-68

While we waited Hayley and Isabelle played outside and Hayley decided to beat the high score on the pinball machine!

Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33

“Thanks for a great day mum.”


Before I knew it, it was Wednesday. On the morning I got Hayley up and dressed and while she was sat at the table eating breakfast I went and asked the neighbour if she would take Hayley to school today because I had an appointment for Izzy.

Screenshot-121 Screenshot-125

We were one of the first people at the Library that morning. There was those few who had camped out, but we were near the front. I was thankful I had brought Izzy some toys to keep her occupied. (she loved her fairy teddy)

Screenshot-83 Screenshot-84

A couple of hours passed, the queue hadn’t shifted and Isabelle was getting fed up and tired. I gave her the hippo teddy and manoeuvred my way out of the queue and into the library. I would just wait inside until the queue died down, at least that way I could read while I waited!

Screenshot-87 Screenshot-85

I was reading with Isabelle when he entered. I had forgotten how handsome he was. Handsome but cocky. He didn’t even notice me as he sat down at the desk surrounded by his books.

Screenshot-88 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-95

He must have signed about 40 books before he told everyone to leave for an hour so he could go to lunch. I was stood nearby “looking at the books”

He saw me. And his eyes locked on mine. Those big brown eyes. Just like Isabelle’s. Then he smiled and began walking towards me…Shit.

Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-103

“It’s you. I cant believe I found you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Chapter 9? Pink eyed girl. That’s you. The barefooted teenager in the park, The grown sensual woman in the hotel. I wanted to call after that night but well, you seemed so urgent to push me out of your room. I guessed you were in a relationship and actually only wanted it to be a one night stand.”

Screenshot-107 Screenshot-112

“Sorry but I’m not one of those girls swooning after you and I haven’t read your book.” (That first part is such a lie!)

“I couldn’t ever forget about you. What would you say if I invited you to lunch? My treat?”

Just then Izzy began running towards me. “Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama!”


I picked her up and I saw Jason looking from me to her. “You’re a…”


“A mum? Yeah I am. This is Isabelle.”


“She’s cute. So what do you say to lunch?”


“Lets go.”

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