Chapter 26: A Recap Of The Past

WARNING: My Sims will look slighty different from now on. I have had some bad computer problems and All my cc was lost. I have tried to get it all back but some things I have been unable to find.

Hayley’s POV 

I have skipped ahead 3.5-4 years in this chapter and this is a recap of all that has happened in that time

I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Because that was the start of the change. It was the day I found out Isabelle had a celebrity dad. The day I first realised there was something not quite right with my mum and the beginning of Mine and Izzy’s separation.

Screenshot-90 Screenshot-88

Mum didn’t come and pick me up from school. And because I was waiting for her I missed the bus. So I had to walk home. She had completely forgotten about me. Isabelle was having a nap when I got in and mum was in her room talking. Not like on the phone or anything. She was having a conversation with herself.

Screenshot-60 Screenshot-55

She told herself that she wished she had never told Jason Dinozzo that Izzy was his. I wasn’t stupid. I knew Jason was like a really popular singer. And the fact that Isabelle had a celebrity for a dad and I didn’t even know who my dad was did annoy me. I mean why was she so lucky?


I didn’t want to hear much more. It kinda freaked me out seeing my mum like that. I remember hearing her arguing to herself when I was still a baby and Taylor would always calm me down. Most people don’t talk to themselves. Well they aren’t supposed to.


I thought that would be the end of the whole Jason thing and Life would just be normal. I mean what did it matter that Izzy’s dad was a celebrity if he didn’t want to know her? We would just be the same still. Both with just a mum and no dad. But then a few weeks later there was somebody in the lobby for mum. It was Jason’s agent. I don’t really know what was said but I know that a DNA test was done on Izzy. and after that Mum and Izzy began going out a lot more. She would just send me off to Farrah’s or Lunar’s and never tell me where she went. But I saw in the celebrity magazines. “Is this Jason’s Illegitimate Child?” I didn’t know what illegitimate meant but it didn’t sound good.

Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96 Screenshot-99 Screenshot-104

Then there was pictures of them kissing and stuff. (YUCK) I did feel kind of hurt though. Like my mum didn’t want me any more since she got her “Perfect family”

Screenshot-105 Screenshot-114 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-106

It kept on like this for ages until mum told me that Jason wanted us all to go out together. That was just a ploy for them to tell me that we were all moving into Jason’s place. Jason didn’t want me. When my mum was taking Isabelle to the toilet he knelt down and grabbed hold of my wrist so tight it hurt!


“Listen to me. I love your mother and I love my daughter. I accept that you are part of the package but if you EVER do anything to ruin my reputation or damage my relationship with either of them. You will be shipped off to boarding school so fast you wont even get a chance to say bye. Do you understand me?”


I kept my head down. What was the point arguing? My mum wouldn’t care. Jason shook me harshly.


“Do You Under Stand Me?”


“Yes what?”

“Yeah, I understand.” He left me go and ruffled my hair. Laughing like he hadn’t basically threatened me.


Life with Jason was even worse. I had to go to some posh school that wore uniforms and I got picked on because I was “Common Scum”. I’m pretty sure he went out of his way to make me unhappy. Like going on impromptu family outings and leaving me with the help. It used to make me pretty sad and I would cry about it. But I soon realised there was no point in crying. Nobody would help and nothing would change. I just had to live and bare it and when I turn 18 I would escape.


I tried to explain to mum but on good days she didn’t believe me and she would tell me to “stop being silly” and on bad days she would act like she couldn’t even hear me and call me the wrong name, once she called me “Winnie” and she was going on about experiments. She was making absolutely no sense these days.

I think Jason might have told Isabelle not to play with me because she began ignoring me aswell. She was my baby sister! And I loved her. But whenever I asked if she wanted to play or if she wanted me to read to her she would tell me no and tell me to go away. I was unwanted.



Like 8 months ago mum found out she was pregnant. They did a paternity test while she was pregnant because Jason didn’t trust her and it came back positive. Once he got the results he was happy to go off for a 12 month music tour around Europe. Personally I was happy to see him go.

At the start of mum’s pregnancy she was really excited and loved having me and Isabelle feel her tummy and stuff. When she found out she was having a boy she asked Isabelle to paint a picture for his room. Apparently she was brilliant at art. Like our grandma was.

Screenshot-160 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-176

A few weeks ago Mum went out to the city to get some custom made baby clothes. And when she came back she looked really upset but never told us why. And since then she has acted like anything coming near her stomach will attack the baby!

It seems strange that so much has happened in 4 years and it sounds weird but I can’t wait for the baby to be born. Jason isn’t due to get back until like 4 months after he is born. So I will actually get to spend time with my little brother. And he’ll like me. I know he will.

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