Chapter 27a: My Son

Author Note: I know this chapter is short and the next part is quite big but I felt like this was the best way to break it up


My due date is in a few days. I cant wait to see my son. I bet he will look just like his father…Jason was in Bridgeport for the next week. He had a few interviews and a concert lined up. Wouldn’t it be amazing for Jason to be there when his son was born?


I got the car packed up and leaving the girls with the butler and nanny and said I would be back in a few days.


The cramps started up when I was still less than an hour from home. I could still turn around but maybe this was a sign; My son wanted to be born when his Daddy was there with me!

Screenshot-585 Screenshot-580

I was just outside of bridgeport when the pain became unbearable. I saw signs for a hospital…I needed to get there. The radio static found a signal and it seemed to be the local news.

“Allen Zayne and his wife Helena have just welcomed twins into the world. Allen has just posted the following tweet “Prince and Princess, Born 8th November 6.24pm. They are my world.” Isn’t that just lovely Richie?”


I was at the hospital now. But I don’t know how I got here. I was taken to a room. The midwife helped me give birth. My son cried but when they laid him on my chest he looked up at me with baby blue eyes. I was his mother. I was. I was. I was…


I was driving in the opposite direction. Going AWAY from the hospital. The baby was wrapped up in blankets. Did they let me out already? I parked the car and picked up my son. He looked like he was just sleeping peacefully, but he was cold. Why was he cold? why didn’t he have a heartbeat?


I thought back to when I was heading to the hospital. That Zayne person! They were at that hospital. It must have been the hospital! They must have switched the babies. My son was alive. He was definitely alive!

It wouldn’t be fair to allow somebody else to raise my baby boy. And it wouldn’t be fair on that poor woman to not know her child is dead. And I need my son back. Yes. My little Gabriel. Don’t worry baby mummy is coming.


I looked into the face of the child, He was very sweet but he looked nothing like Jason or myself. He just wasn’t my son. But I couldn’t really take my child and leave their dead one…I would bury him! Bury the baby and write his mother a note.

I drove for a bit, going further from the city hospital until I was in a small village, It was snowing now. But there was an overgrown field full of windflowers. A perfect place to lay a baby to rest.


“Goodbye little man, lets hope you meet back up with your parents some day”


Now I just needed to write the letter and get my son back. I needed to fix the Doctor’s mistakes. My son belonged with me. And that poor family need to know the truth.

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 27a: My Son

  1. Wow. That is just- crazy… She doesn’t know- What’s happening. Wow. I honestly can’t believe it took months, but I’m finally happy this is out. I wonder if her daughter will know the truth.

  2. I was definitely not expecting that twist. Erin reallyis insane and I love that you’re going with it. I can’t wait for the next chapter, something bad is going to happen, I can feel it.

    • I was so happy she rolled the insane trait when she became a child! I can’t believe how well it worked in with her past! Father killed by alien doctors, mother moves them so she is not killed by alien doctors. And when she was only a child nobody got that she genuinely saw things that werent there and that she heard voices and confused fantasy with reality as a coping mechanism, Erin didn’t know that was what it was but since she was only a kid it was just thought she had an overactive imagination.

      As she grew she suffered more traumatic experiences, her brain always tried to protect her. Insanity fitted with Erin, anybody who has gone through the amount of stuff Erin went through at such a young age is very unlikely to get out with scars.

      Now though, (Since I feel this generation should end relatively soon) she has suppressed too much. And she is losing herself to the insanity, the most horrific of things are becoming normal and the most impossible of things are becoming possible. sure it may be very implausible and down right crazy to the outside world but a crazy person cannot actually tell that they are crazy.

      So with that very long response to your comment I also love Erin’s insanity, even if it is a nightmare to write and the next chapter is a big one I’ll tell you that 😉

  3. Will you be posting the next chapter Thursday? If you do I wont be able to read it. My brothers birthday party is tomorrow and he is having a dinner party, so yea. bye meg! I love the legacy! 🙂

  4. No, No, She is not LifeSimmer. I’m sorry about that babe. She is just this girl who asked if she could help advertise my channel a little more, So if you were confused it’s okay. Don’t forget to subscribe!

  5. It’s an interesting POV to write from but you do it so well. It might cause more sane individuals to shake our heads at what makes so much sense to Erin. The poor girl nevertheless did have a chance to have a normal life. :(. I wonder how much of her insanity has effected her kids?

    • I don’t think Erin ever had a chance at a normal life. It was the Doctors killing her father that began her on this road, she created a fantasy world so she could escape her reality, her mother’s fear, the sadness, the grief. over time she began struggling to decipher between what was real and what wasn’t but nobody picked up on it before it was two late. When she was lonely she would create a companion, not understanding they weren’t real. When the doctors kidnapped her, they were more interested in her genetics than her mental well being. leaving her in a state of both amnesia and wanting to remember. When she did remember the truth, she struggled to comprehend the fact that her mother was dead, so she was more willing to accept when she came back into her life once Hayley was born. At that time she was a teenager with a baby, wanting her mother more than ever. over time Ashleigh became the voice of doubt in her head. Pulling her down. She began experiencing psychotic episodes. Once Nick left however she struggled to cope but was able to get by because of the kids. Now though, after years with Jason, no help and no real love have pushed her past the point of no return.
      It is sad really that if the Doctors has never interfered her life would have turned out so differently.

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