Chapter 27b: My Son

I remember wearing a gown at the hospital but my coat is filthy. If anybody saw me they would think I gave birth in my coat! I know there are some clothes in the baby bag. I just don’t know why my coat is like it is.

Dear Allen and Helena Zayne,

I am very sorry to inform you but your child is dead. The hospital mistakenly swapped our children. I have corrected their mistake and buried your son.

From Anonymous

I’m not an idiot. If I let them know who I was they would try to get the baby back. That is what I would do in their situation. No mother would like to believe her baby is dead. From the baby bag I picked out Gabriel’s coat, a sleepsuit and some socks and the tracksuit I had packed for myself.


I cannot remember how I got from the hospital to the car but so much just didn’t add up. Why was my baby dead when I was in the car? Why were my clothes filthy? Why did they let me out so soon after giving birth? They wouldn’t. That is the only answer.


A hospital would never let somebody out so soon after labour with a dead baby and in filthy clothes. So how did I get out? I must have sneaked out. I sneaked out and now the baby is dead. They will think I killed him. If they see me they wont let me go. They wont let me take my son. They will think I killed that baby. I’m going to have to sneak in the hospital and avoid the cameras. It’s the only way I can get my baby back. It’s the only way. It’s the only way.


By the time I got back to the hospital it was 11pm. I don’t know where the time went but this would be a good thing. The night shift means less staff. less chance of getting caught. It also makes it more likely that Helena would be sleeping. Just get in, get the baby and get out. It will be simple.

I kept my head down and got in unnoticed. Now I just need to find Helena’s room. I have to be quick. They’ll think I am kidnapping the baby. I must be quick. Helena had a room of her own. She was such a beautiful woman, I felt bad about what I was doing but she was young. She could always have more children. There were two cribs beside her bed. “Venus Zayne” was tagged on one and “Jupiter Zayne” on the other. Stupid names. I never understood why somebody would give a child such an idiotic name. The girl, Venus was asleep. She looked exactly like her mother.

Screenshot-678 Screenshot-682

My son was awake. He was looking up at me with green blue eyes. He was so handsome. He looked just like me and Jason. This was my baby. My Gabriel.

Screenshot-685 Screenshot-677

I made my way back to my car unnoticed. But as I began driving away, Gabriel began screaming. my baby was in pain. He was hurting.

Screenshot-694 Screenshot-690

I hadn’t been able to change his clothes back at the hospital. I just needed to get away. I removed his sleepsuit to try and find why he was hurting. I gently touched the clamp on his cord and he screamed louder.


That must be what it is! That is why he is crying! I managed to get the clamp off but now he was bleeding. He hadn’t stopped crying! Tears were falling down my cheeks. I held him to me, clamping the cord again with my fingers. I had to have something to tie it with. just to stop the bleeding. I had to stop the bleeding.

Screenshot-696new Screenshot-704

I was able to find a needle and cotton in the glove compartment. Tying the cotton around the cord the bleeding stopped. It isn’t perfect but at least he isn’t bleeding. I cleaned up the blood using the clothes he was wearing at the hospital. Then dressed him in the ones I picked for him.

Gabriel had stopped crying now, he was falling asleep on my chest. My beautiful son. My beautiful baby boy. I threw the bloody clothes out of the car window and strapped Gabriel back into the car seat. Then continued driving through the thick snow.

Screenshot-710 Screenshot-705

I need to stop. Find somewhere for me and Gabriel to stay until the snow stops. But I can’t read the signs. I can’t even see through the storm. I can’t see where I am heading…


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