Chapter 3: A Big Birthday

“So you aren’t gonna help me escape?” I asked Mother as we sat in the bakery.


“No Hayley I wont. You need to learn that the hospital isn’t so bad. And even if I wanted to let you escape I couldn’t. There are things in this world that you are still too young to understand. You will only be with us for another five years. Once you reach adulthood the doctors will let you go.”


Ha, Adulthood. I bet you anything I will not stay here that long! I asked for a victoria sponge birthday cake and smiled as I walked up to it. If my wish came true I would get out of the hospital before I turned 18.


Mother cheered on as I blew out the candles.

Screenshot-1995I had the perfect wish. Well, the voices in my head actually came up with it, not me. But this was one wish that I would make sure came true.


I wish for my memories to return


The candles were blown out. I had made an unspoken promise. I would remember my past before adulthood if it killed me.


I was 13. Thirteen. Officially a teenager. I couldn’t help but think of my family. Was my mum still alive? Was she looking for me? Did I have any siblings?

Screenshot-2007I would have to trick the Doctor’s into telling me about them. About my family. If I could get them to trigger my memory I’m sure I would learn more about them. And then I would be able  to blackmail my way out.


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I know this chapter was shorter and not really action packed but I feel like it is a necessary stepping stone for what is to come. if that makes any sense? I will have the next chapter up ASAP because I feel bad for giving you a short chapter.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: A Big Birthday

  1. For a second, I was confused about the mother. However, that must be the mother of the whole group of kids or something. Hmmm…I wonder if her memories will return and what will happen. She is quite a pretty 13 year old! Hooray for birthdays!

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