Chapter 4: Living with the Doctors

Over the next few years I learnt a lot. I had begun figuring out how to sneak out of the living quarters and into the hospital. It wasnt hard once I learnt how to pick locks. I saw the “miracle of life” YUCK. Honestly Seeing my best friend Winnie give birth wasn’t beautiful or anything. it was just gross!


I also saw the cruelness of the doctors. I saw a woman give birth. She looked to be of african descent. Once she gave birth the Doctors held her son. She was crying. I made out from her lips that she was telling them to give her her baby. Another one of them came up behind her with a knife in hand. He cut her throat ear to ear and I heard their loud laughter as they watched the new mother bleed to death on the floor.

Screenshot-2010 Screenshot-2011 Screenshot-2012

So far nothing triggered my memory. One day I managed to break into the office. I looked through the drawers and I found some photographs…They looked so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. One photo was of a child. She looked so familiar to me yet I didn’t know why. I just knew though. These were people from my past. These photos were of my real family. I hid them in my clothes and sneaked out. returning to my room I talked to my other friend Rachel.


She came and went as she pleased and only I could see her but I knew she was real. I mean she was just magical right?

Screenshot-309“Woah Hayley, I can’t believe you found these. Do you know who they are of?”



“Kind of. Look on the back of this one, it says it is of a girl called Erin Simm.”

“You know. She kinda looks like you. Maybe she is your baby sister?”


“Maybe she is. But If I had little siblings why did they take me?”

“I don’t know Hayley. This one looks quite familiar too.” Rachel said, pointing at a photo of a family. A lot of these people looked familiar I just didn’t know why…The pictures hadn’t triggered my memory but it seemed like the Doctors had tracked my family for years. Why did they wait until I was 12 to take me?


I had the strangest feeling that soon I would find out. And I was right…

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Living with the Doctors

  1. The cruelness of the doctor’s always takes me by surprise. They’re such bastards!

    I saw the questions you posted on your thread on the forum, but for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me reply. So I’ll just leave the few little answers I came up with here. (I couldn’t think of anything to say about amnesia. I think books and movies have made it into something that it’s not, but still very interesting and entertaining.)

    “The doctors do seem rather fond of deals, so I would say that’s in their character.
    I do not think escaping the hospital by chapter ten would be rushing it, especially if you keep to the twenty or so pattern. After all, she’ll have to make a life for herself in the outside world and have the next heirs within a little over ten parts then.”

  2. I’m also getting the error on your org thread. So, I’ve answered the questions here, too.

    Do you think I am covering the amnesia thing realistically by having some of her earlier “happy” memories triggered by photographs first and the most recent memories of what happened in Riverview when the doctor’s took her away last? Like she couldn’t remember that because it was very traumatic. But not have every memory come back straight away.

    Yes, I believe that is how some amnesia works. I do know sometimes people use photos to help trigger memories. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

    Do you think I am rushing by having her escape from the hospital before chapter 10 when I am following my pattern of around 20ish chapters per generation?

    I think each heir has their own story and should be told accordingly. I can’t guarantee London’s story will be nearly as long as Justine’s for wishacy. London isn’t having the babies and such. Granted, I guess mine is different, but still, it’s a story. I guess if you feel like it is too short, maybe you could add a little more to it. 😀

    As for this chapter, I knew the doctors were cruel, but this really shows them doing it. Yikes! Evil people, thought they probably do not believe they are being evil. They are trying to protect their hospital.

    • I don’t know if you remember but in generation 2 they sent Ashleigh a picture of her mother, minutes after she was born. Dead with her throat slashed. That is what they do to the surrogate mothers for the imaginary friends.

      • I remember that but it could be because I’ve been reading it today and have been reading it straight through.

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