Chapter 5: They figured it out…

I wasn’t stupid. Far from it. And when they called a meeting in the Entertainment room I knew it was about the missing photographs. I walked in and sat on the floor next to Fairy Bloke. I wasn’t pregnant like Ginny or Aqua so I didn’t feel like it was right to take a chair. The Doctor began. For once he wasn’t wearing his mask. The others looked scared but in my travels upstairs I had seen them without their masks many times.



“Someone has been breaking open the locks. We recently found out the lock to our private office upstairs had been broken and something of ours has been taken. We know who it was however we would like to give you the chance to step forward. If you do step forward and hand over what you stole, you will face no consequences.”


I didn’t stand up. Neither did anyone else. “It appears the guilty is too afraid. I will come to your room later to remove the stolen items and explain your punishment. That is all. Now all return to your rooms except Aqua. You are too close to the end of your pregnancy and it is time to remove it.”


I went back to my room and looked through the photos again. Willing myself to remember. As if by magic I remembered something. Looking at the picture of the toddler called Erin I remembered. I remembered a woman putting me on that bumblebee.

Screenshot-309 Screenshot-308

That toddler was me. And that woman was my mother! My real name is Erin Simm. My mum used to hug me, and read stories to me. She really loved me…There is no way she gave me up to the Doctors willingly.

Screenshot-423 Screenshot-566

I remembered something else. A girl. Just a child like myself, we used to be so close. She would play with me and hug me. but who was she? I tried thinking but the fog wouldn’t clear. I was just getting a headache.

Screenshot-354 Screenshot-353 Screenshot-422 Screenshot-426

Sighing I gave up. I wasn’t going to remember any more. A few hours later they knocked on my door. Two of the Doctors came into my room. But this time, I was ready for them…


“We know you did it Hayley.”

“That is not my name Sir.”

“It is the name you chose.”

“Yes but it is not my true name. My mother christened me Erin Simm. I had an older sister and I was loved. Until you took me away.” He looked almost amused.

“You have remembered. Keep the photo’s if you want. But until you choose to hand them back you will not leave this room. We are replacing your door with one that only opens via an iris scanner. You will not be able to get around as you please anymore.”

“Fine. But I have seen a lot more than photographs in that hospital. Will you answer my questions?”


“It depends what they are?”

“Why do you kill? What started it? Why shouldn’t an imaginary friend have a child? I know you genetically alter it so they have fertility problems but why?”


“Hand over the photographs and I will tell you.”

“I would rather keep the only memories I have of my family.”

I heard them laugh as they exited my room. “Then you will say in there until you starve yourself to death Erin Simm.”

I sat on the cold metal floor just thinking for hours. They wouldn’t starve me to death. They needed me right?


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 5: They figured it out…

  1. Not sure why it matters whether she has the photos or not. I guess she wants to continue trying to remember by looking at them and to treasure them. I understand why she wants them, but not sure the Doctors care. She had some good questions, but I didn’t figure they’d answer…even if they’d taken the photos. Hmmm…on to the next chapter!

    • They don’t want her to remember everything and tell the others. They may be institutionalised to the Hospital but If the other patients knew everything it could cause a revolution.

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