Chapter 6a: Questions are answered

I was wrong, however I lasted 10 days without food. I relied on water from the sink. But after 10 days I was almost too weak to move. I was defeated. I used all my strength to press the buzzer for the Doctors. I would hand over the photographs. I needed to eat. But I would also make sure to get the answers to my questions. For 10 days they had left me with Rachel and the voices in my head. These Doctors really weren’t as smart as they thought. Because they had given me the time to plan my escape I just needed to find out where they keep their weapons.


“Where are the photos?”

“Desk drawer.”

He looked through them, checking they were all there then smiled. He picked me up and I fell asleep in his arms. I was exhausted, starved and dehydrated. I didn’t know if I would ever wake up…


When I reopened my eyes I was in a hospital room. The Doctor was sat in a chair next to my bed.


“I believe you had questions. I will answer all honestly if you want. However once I answer your questions you will never see your friends again.”


“Why wont I?”

“We cannot risk them also knowing the truth.” I only nodded. I didn’t agree with them but I could see why these murderers didn’t want the other patients knowing why they kill.

“Who are you?” I asked. It was a question I have been asking ever since I arrived.

“I am an alien from the galaxy Sygna. I believe your name for my galaxy is M81.”

“Okay. Why are you here? Why do you create imaginary friends?”


“My home planet Xnya was having an issue with unpleasant situations for births. And these troubled children often grew up into disfunctional adults. Unlike the nearby planet Yktarnwe we did not follow their path of abducting your primative life form and using the males to incubate their young. then handing the newly created infants to appropriate couples. We instead began handing young special toys, that grew with them and became a friend for life. Our government allowed the young to marry and have children with these scientifically created friends. Unfortunately these half blood children had severe physical and mental deformities. Many died at birth, their parents were given the choice to execute the infants. if the parents refused and the child survived to adulthood. Which was incredibly rare. our government would execute them on their growth into adulthood. Our neighbour planet’s interest in your small planet did interest us though. We researched you, abducted you for research but never impregnated you with our young. We found out that you also had a problem with infants being born in negative circumstances. We made a proposal with our government to come here and create life long friends for humans. To help them in their needs like it helped us.”

To be continued in Chapter 6b


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