Chapter 6b: Questions Are Answered

“Why do you disallow humans to create a child with an imaginary friend. I am not mentally or physically impaired.”


“You do suffer some mental problems but we are unsure whether they are genetically or environmentally caused. Our government agreed our proposal but refused to tell us how they created these friends. Once on Earth we built our hospital and began experimenting. Your genetic code was very easy to figure out and soon we figured out how to take normal human embryos and genetically alter them so it would just take an injection to pause aging and turn the infant into a doll. We found though that although love would bring the child to life they would only be visible to their charge. We created a potion to turn them real and began shipping them Anonymously to science facilities all over the world. We were afraid of recreating the deformed infants caused by half blood births on my home planet. Humans have a different policy to us and instead of executing the deformed you nurture them. Despite the fact they will provide no assistance in bettering your species. We genetically altered our friends to prevent half blood births.”


“Why do you kill? I saw you kill that mother. You slit her throat. And you killed my dad.”

“It is normal to us. Our species. We understand that to you killing is something that is punished. by genetically modifying the infants we also modify the mothers, changing the gestational time to twelve hours. For full blood Imaginary friends the mothers aging will be accelerated. it is kinder to kill her with minimum pain. Yes we slit her throat however we numb the area first and make sure her body is full of painkillers before we do it. We kill as it is necessary. On my home planet we are taught as children. If humans were less sentimental you would not have an overpopulation issue.”


“You feel no guilt?”

“Yes and No. We feel guilty over killing your family. But not over the women we kill. We never wanted to kill him and would have killed your mother instead. But she was pregnant. We are scientists Erin. We are not monsters.”

Thats debatable. I thought. But stayed silent. I had no more questions. He looked at me for a moment then stood. “Come. We must do the finale experiment before we let you go. We will not remove your memories however we will prevent you from ever speaking about what you have learnt.”

“This isn’t a question but a statement. You said you researched us. Well we evolved. You say we are a primitive species yet we have learnt how to build a society where we value life. We don’t kill for the sake of killing. Some do and they are punished. The majority of human beings have learnt how to live amongst each other. And get along despite our differences. Maybe you should take a leaf out of our book and better your species.”

He didn’t respond but he stood up and put out his hand. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to be able to get out and scream what they do from the rooftops. But I was still very weak. Too weak to fight. He helped me to my feet and I was lead into the operating room…



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8 thoughts on “Chapter 6b: Questions Are Answered

    • Hayley not Haley πŸ˜›

      And it is Erin again. She chose the name Hayley because she didn’t remember what her actual name was πŸ™‚

  1. What!? Wow! That’s a lot of info! I’m super worried about what will happen to her. I mean, now that she knows all their secrets, she could be killed. She’s so weak. 😦 Moving on. πŸ™‚

    • They were going to do something so that she can never speak about the hospital, them or anything she learnt there.

  2. I haven’t commandeered on the last few chapters, but I am reading πŸ™‚ My first reaction: “If humans were less sentimental you would not have an overpopulation issue” the doctors are so misleading they try to justify themselves but they don’t see what they’re doing to people.

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