Chapter 7:I Remember What You Did

The Doctors hadn’t given me enough Anaesthetic. After the experiments I began waking as I was getting carried somewhere. The first thing I saw was one of The Doctor’s holding a gun. He was like a guard. The gun was so familiar…Then it hit me.Screenshot-2102The memories came flooding back. I was in my kitchen in my home in Riverview. They had hold of Gabriel, My mum was crouched on the floor afraid and my grandmother Elizabeth was laid by the door. a pool of blood around her head. I stood at the top of the stairs and they all turned to me. “Hello Erin. Would you like to tell us where your little sister is hiding?”MemoryGabeScreaming MemoryMum MemoryLizDead“I will never tell you where she is. You will not take her.”

“I think you will tell us.” One of The Doctors pointed the gun at Gabriel. My mum screamed out. “Leave my children alone. Take me instead.”MemoryDocGunHe turned and faced her “If we could just take you Ashleigh we would. But it is too late for that now.” aiming the gun at her he began to pull the trigger.

Gabriel saw and screamed. Jumping in front of mum. I closed my eyes as I heard the gun. Hoping it has missed my baby brother. I heard mum scream and my hopes were dashed when I reopened them. Gabriel was laid on back in mums lap, dead. A bullet through his chest, his blood soaking through his clothes. I screamed.MemoryBroDeadThey shot the gun again. My mum fell forward. Dead. Then the turned to me. Aiming the gun once more they pulled the trigger, waiting for pain. But it never came. I reopened my eyes. “We missed on purpose. You can either come with us willingly or we will take you by force.”MemoryMumNBroDead“You have just murdered an 8 year old boy for trying to protect his mother. Why would I come willingly?” One of them came up behind me, pinning my arms behind my back. another injected something into my arm. The last thing I remember as I was losing conciousness was getting carried away.MemoryCarriedBack to reality I began struggling in his arms. Alerting the Doctor to the fact I was awake. Restraining me he stood me on the ground. “What is the matter. We are letting you go. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“You murdered an eight year old child! You killed my baby brother! You killed my grandma and my mother! My grandma didn’t do anything! She knew nothing and you murdered her!”Screenshot-2104


The next thing I knew I felt something go into my arm and everything went dark…

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 7:I Remember What You Did

  1. Grrr…I can’t believe all her family is dead. That makes me VERY sad! Someone needs to kill all these stupid Doctors so she can start living her life. I wonder what happened to Ashleigh. I hope she’s not dead. 😥

    • Not all of her family is dead. Although Erin can’t remember the family members she has who are still alive.

      I don’t think anybody in their right mind would go up against the Doctors.

  2. I’m shocked that they killed Elizabeth too. Erin is going to have a tough time coping with everything now that she remembers it all. Gabriel dying absolutely broke my heart 😥 can’t wait to see what happens next.

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