Chapter 9: Happy Halloween

A month passed and I understandably put on a bit weight. It was weird but I was actually looking forward to having a baby.


In a way I was glad I couldn’t remember my past when I was at the hospital. I didn’t know the things I had been missing out on because I couldn’t remember them. It was 31st October and it was Halloween! There was a fair in the plaza and of course I was going to go. I was sure my mum had taken me to a fair before but I couldn’t remember it. I hadn’t seen Jason since that day in the park but it didn’t matter. I didn’t really know him and even if he was pretty cute I didn’t really care. I didn’t want a relationship. I was fucked up enough as it is.

When I got to the park a small child came up to me. I picked her up but I couldn’t see her parents anywhere.

Screenshot-3 - Copy Screenshot-4 - Copy

I took her to the concession stands where they put a tannoy out for the toddler. An attractive red haired man came up to me and although the child didn’t really look like him they did have the same blue eyes and the child’s excitement when she saw the man made it pretty obvious he was her father.

Screenshot-5 - Copy

He took the child from me and put a coat on her.

“Sorry about that. You know how kids are. Turn your back for a second and they go god knows where!”

“It’s fine. She’s a cute kid.”

“Thanks. She’s my world. Say do you want to maybe go and get a drink sometime? Just to say thanks for stopping Taylor before she got into any trouble.”


“Well here is my number anyway. If you change your mind. Call me?”

Screenshot-7 - Copy

I didn’t speak to him again after that. Instead I occupied my time in other ways. I went into the haunted house but I swear I felt Satan and the ghost of my baby brother in there!

Screenshot-27 - Copy

I was so scared that I may or may not have had an accident when I ran out.

Screenshot-29 - Copy

I harvested a pumpkin and went bobbing for apples. It was pretty fun!

Screenshot-34 - CopyScreenshot-32 - Copy

It was even better when I won!

Screenshot-33 - Copy

The pie eating contest was about to start and after my win I was feeling lucky so I joined in.


What I didn’t anticipate was disliking the pie so much!

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42


It was so gross! I was even choking on it!


I ended up losing the contest.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47

And Despite hating the pie I was still pretty annoyed


When I got home I carved my pumpkin and put it outside. (Pay no attention to the swimsuit. I put it on in case there was a miniature world inside the pumpkin and I fell in the ocean)

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-63


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