Chapter 1: All Alone

This is beginning where Chapter 26 ended. So Hayley is 9 and a half and living with Jason, Erin is pregnant and the sisterly relationship between Hayley and Isabelle is Broken.


I fell backwards onto my bed. Ugh. I don’t even know why I bother any more. What’s the point of living in such a big house full of people when they treat you like a leper? The only person who did love me is too mental to realise it. I wish my mum had stayed with Nick. I wish Isabelle was Nick’s daughter. Then they could have stayed together.


I glanced at the clock. 22:30. I know I shouldn’t go out at this time of night and should be in bed asleep but nobody cares what I do as long as I don’t tarnish Jason’s reputation. Ugh. Fuck him and his reputation. I’m going out. He’s on tour anyway. What’s the worst he can do? All I need to do is make sure his little spy doesn’t see me. I got dressed in my warmer clothes and put my Ipod in my pocket. I wanted to go home…


The streets were practically empty at this time of night. I still knew the address of where I used to live. It was the house I was born in. I know Nick wasn’t my dad. But he was my mums friend while she was pregnant with me. He helped her give birth to me. They got together when I was a baby and he was the only dad I ever knew. And Taylor was the sister I wish I had. Shame I can’t just trade Isabelle for Taylor. I reached the house without too much difficulty. But somebody else lived there now…There were kids toys on the front and somebody had put up a swing. I hope their family is happy. Like a family should be.


I wanted to walk the long way home. Sure it meant going through through the town at this time of night but so what? I can run. It felt like I had been walking for ages so I checked the time. 11.45. I had only been out for an hour and 45 minutes! It felt like it should have been at least 1am!

“What are you doing out at this time of night Richie Rich?”


I looked up into the face of a stern teenager. He was probably only 17. “Fuck off” I said as I pushed past him. He grabbed a hold of my wrist.

“You’re not going anyway unless you give me all your money.”

I glared at him. “What makes you think I have money?”


“Those headphones alone are worth over £200. Now empty your pockets you little bitch.”

“Like I said before. Fuck off. You even try to do anything and I’ll start screaming.”

“Let her go Alex. She reminds me of Paula.” I turned to the direction of the voice and saw another teenager standing there. He was kinda short. and looked kinda young. But ‘Alex’ let go of my wrist. “Thanks.” I said to the Asian boy and he smiled at me.

Screenshot-308 Screenshot-310

“You’re not going so soon are you? What are you doing in this side of town, at this time of night? A rich kid like you normally has a driver to taken em places.”

“I don’t have to answer you. ”

“You’re right. You don’t. I know who you are. My girlfriend loves all the celeb mags. You are the child Jason Dinozzo generously allowed into his home. He showered you with the expensive things and put you in a posh school. But you don’t show up in any article where he is mentioned. Except when he is trying to seem like a good guy doing you a favour. The only way you could be out at this time is if nobody noticed you were gone. I bet your sister is the one everybody focuses on and you just sit in the background all alone right?”


“Fuck you.” I began to walk away.

“Sure you can walk away. Spend another evening on your own. Or you can hang with us. Like I said. You remind me off my sister and If you drop some of the attitude you are probably alright.”

“How do I know you aren’t trying to rape me or kill me or something?”

“If I was going to do that, don’t you think I would have let Alex rob you?”

I heard a cough from the the building. “Who else is in there?” I asked him, changing the topic.

“Just Lauren and my girlfriend. We are about to head back home anyway to check on Lauren’s baby. My brother’s looking after her. You might not want to hang with me but he is about your age. Think of it this way, at least you wont ‘ave to go home yet.”


The two girls came out of the building. One of them kissed the Asian boy on the cheek so I assumed the other one was Lauren. She looked really old! Like 30! But I liked the way the boy thought. “Fine, I’ll tag along.”

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 1: All Alone

  1. Wow, for a nine year old, Hayley sure swears a lot.
    I have to say, that I just love your legacy.
    I really liked that Asian boy (because I’m Asian) but I’m starting to get bad vibes from him :/

    • She swears because she is angry and annoyed at the world. she swears because she is just pissed off at the adults in her life. They tell her not to swear – she swears. because what can they do about it? Her own mother is too absorbed in her own world to understand her daughter, let alone punish her

  2. When will the next chapter come out?

    And what’s the matter with the parents? I’d love to know.
    I do wish I could have chosen Haley as the next heiress- but it doesn’t matter anymore. .

  3. When will the next chapter come out? I have to say, that I just love your legacy. (I Copied from other comments cause LAZZZZZZZZZY)!

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