Chapter 2: Finding my voice

Their “home” was the middle house in an old terrace of council houses. those houses had been classed as uninhabitable ages ago and they’d been empty for years.


When we went in there was a young boy. He was probably a few years older than me and was holding and rocking a screaming baby girl. “Lauren! Take her! She’s bin cryin’ for ‘ours!”


“What did  you do to her?” Lauren said nonchalantly

“Nowt! A put ‘er in the cot and she was fine. then she just woke up n wont stop screamin’!”

Not knowing what else to say or do I sat down on the ‘sofa’ avoiding what I hoped was coffee stains.

I couldn’t help but think that this cold damp house with no electricity was a bad place to raise a baby. The kid would have been better off in care (although I wouldn’t dare say that!)

Lauren took her daughter down into the basement. Both of the asain boys were looking at me. “Nico, this is Hayley. She looks like a rich snob a know, but really she is one of us. You two are gonna babysit Star while we go out.”

Nico scowled at his brother. “What have you got in return?”


“Al give you 10 fags and half a bottle of vodka if you do it.” This caused Nico to smile, although I don’t know why! The thought of drinking and smoking at our age just seemed wrong!

Nico refused to say a single word to me while everyone was there, It was just awkward silence. Finally Lauren came back up the ladder,

“Star’s asleep, If she wakes up again just give her a bottle, There is a baby milk carton under the sink.”

I nodded my understanding and the teenagers left. Nico just looked at me, “I don’t care if my brother says you’re one of us. Don’t expect us to be friends. Am goin’ out for a fag. You’re lookin after Star.”

I didn’t say anything but I nodded. I was used to rejection. Nico slammed the front door behind him and as if on cue there was a cry from downstairs.

The “Cot” was nothing more than cloth on a metal frame. The child stopped screaming when she saw someone walk in. It was like she was used to having to cry until she was red in the face before anyone came to her.


I tried to give her the bottle but she didn’t want it. I held her in my arms and just began singing a lullaby. I didn’t even know if I could sing but if it calmed the baby it was worth a shot. I sung my favourite lullaby,


“A gentle breeze,
From Hushabye Moutain,
Softly blows,
Over Lullabye Bay.”


As soon as I’d begun singing, Star quieted and just looked up at me.

“It fills the sails,
Of boats that are waiting.
Waiting to sail,
Your worries away.

It isn’t far to Hushabye Mountain,
And your boat,
Waits down by the key.
The winds of night,
So softly are sighing.
Soon, they will fly your troubles to sea.
So close your eyes,
on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave goodbye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain,
Sail far away from Lullabye Bay.
So close your eyes,
on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave goodbye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain,
Sail far away from Lullabye Bay.”


Star was fast asleep in my arms, her thumb in her mouth. She looked so delicate in my arms. I gently laid her down in the crib. “You’ve got a good voice.”

I turned around to face Nico, “Uh thanks I guess. But I don’t think I’m that good. Maybe Karaoke level at best.”


Nico shrugged. “your betta than most ov the singers on radio. n your betta than your stepdad.”


“Do you want a bit of this?” He lifted the bottle of vodka, “am sure weve got a couple cans of coke stashed if you don’t wan it neat.”

“No thanks, Jason’s spy is sure to tell if I came home drunk.” It was a lame excuse but I didnt want to get drunk. I was nothing like this boy.

“That’s fine. Come upstairs wiv me. Theres somethin outside I wanna show ya.”

Outside, practically hidden by the overgrown grass was a trampoline. Nico climbed on it and started jumping around, “Look! its still good, you just gotta avoid the rusty springs!

Screenshot-2109 Screenshot-2108

I don’t know why but the way he was jumping around made him look like he was still just a kid, like me. Even if he was trying to be all grown up. I don’t think he ever experienced the comforts of a home…or a family. He only had the other teens for role models and I don’t think they were good ones…But inside, past the hardened older exterior is a kind boy who probably understands how I feel about being alone even more than me. I used to have a family but he has never had-


Nico’s shouting “Earth to Hayley!” pulled me out of my train of thought and, smiling, I took his hand and allowed him to pull me onto the trampoline.

Screenshot-2114 Screenshot-2113 Screenshot-2112

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Finding my voice

    • If you don’t like it don’t read it! This is how I am now telling the majority of the main legacy so if you do not like it then simply stop reading and stop critisicing every chapter I put out.

      • Good 4 You Meg Defend YOUR legacy! You can tell it how you like an it don’t matter what people like adventure4uI think! BTW: criticizing* sorry it was bugging me XD

    • Really I think it will be both. I mean I know parents will push their kids on the good kids hoping they will be a good influence but I think they both influence each other. Nico will probably pull hayley down a bit, but hayley will also help Nico. Dont worry though. I will not ruin a possible heir before the generation even begins 😛

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