Chapter 1: A Friend

Mum kept her promise. She has been normal ever since she came home. She even helped me build a snowman!

Screenshot-245 Screenshot-277Screenshot-281


But Dad has been weird. They got the nanny to look after us kids but Dad just spends all his time with Gabriel, singing to him, playing with him. He doesn’t want me any more.

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-34

When Gabriel was about 2 months old Dad said he had to go talk with his agent and while the doctor was visiting mum, Hettie the nanny took us all out. Even Hayley. Hayley just complained. Even at the winter fair. She didn’t want to do anything.

Screenshot-153 Screenshot-154 Screenshot-158

Until a boy came along. He had like black hair and wasn’t wearing a coat or anything but she ditched me to go talk to him and then they started playing in the snow together. I just sat with Hettie and drank a hot chocolate. I wanted to go home…I didn’t feel as alone there.

Screenshot-159 Screenshot-161 Screenshot-173 Screenshot-176

It was Christmas in a few days. I wasn’t going to get any presents though. I didn’t bother sending Santa a letter because I know I’d go on the naughty list. I don’t deserve a Christmas this year. I was bad. I broke the new camera dad  bought me. and ripped the head off the teddy he gave me. I don’t know why I did it. I was just mad.

“Hettie, I want to go home.”


Hettie smiled at me kindly “Why dear? aren’t you having fun? Why don’t you go play with your sister and her friend? or you can get your face painted?”

I shook my head and looked down at my feet. “I know, How about you help me feed your brother? come on dear, cheer up. Christmas is the time to be jolly.”

Screenshot-205 Screenshot-200 Screenshot-199

I helped feed Gabriel. He kept trying to hold the bottle by himself and he did cheer me up…if I am being honest. On the way back home we passed a toy shop. I saw a weird doll in the window.

Screenshot-209 Screenshot-211

“Hettie, can you get me that doll please?” I pointed to the doll in the weird clothes and pointy hat. Hettie bit her lip.

“Are you sure you don’t want a different doll Hun? That one is a little…odd.”

“It IS different though Hettie! It’s different like me and I like it! Please! It can be my Christmas present and you can tell Santa to not bring me nothing else!”


“Okay Isabelle. If you are sure that is the one you want, we’ll get it for you.”

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