Generation 4 Heir Vote

While the side stories are still in progress, Erin’s story has finished. I am opening the heir vote now and will close it once the side stories are over and I am ready to begin Gen 4. Below you will find aged up CAS pics of the girls, their ages when the generation ends and a small bio of their life up to now and a small bit on their plans in the near future (their gen 4 starting point…sort of) πŸ™‚ Please vote!

Hayley Elizabeth Simm

Screenshot-889 Screenshot-892 Screenshot-885 Screenshot-899

Age: 16

Bio: Well basically I have been kicked out of my family. My mum has been sent off to the loony house and I have become an emancipated minor so Jason would not become my legal guardian. Gabriel’s gone and well, Isabelle was always a daddy’s girl so I’m not too worried about her. Nico wants me to try and get a career in singing but, I don’t know. What if it would change me? I sing for fun and singing as a job, risking ending up like Jason has…just no. Also, I haven’t told anybody yet but I’m pregnant. It’s Nico’s and I know he wont leave me. We were friends before we got together. and we have been together years now.

What’s going to happen in my future? I don’t really know. But I am getting out of Roaring Heights. I want to go to some little village somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Possibly a little seaside town, quiet, not a tourist destination. And Nico could come with me. If he wanted to. Well I hope he does come with me! He has been with me through everything and I don’t think I could cope if he left now.

Isabelle Grace Dinozzo-Simm

Screenshot-903 Screenshot-906 Screenshot-904 Screenshot-908

Age: 13

Bio: Well what’s to tell? My family is gone and now I am just worrying about my dad. I honestly wish I’d listened when Hayley told me he wasn’t as nice as he pretended. But she wont listen to me now. Not after everything I’ve put her through. I know I need help like mum should have had but Dad wont listen to me any more. He is just drinking until he passes out and when he wakes up he starts drinking again. He has forbid me from going to a doctor or anything. He said he’d kill himself if his little girl left him as well…I have been cutting myself since I was a kid, breaking things, making myself bleed because it makes me feel better. I tried to tell my mum but she didn’t know who I was. And my dad refused to listen.

What will I do next? Well the Paparazzi Β are really harrassing us over the kidnapping thing, even though my dad knew nothing about it so he said we have to move and live under the radar for a bit. For now all I can hope is that he gets better so I can get help. I just don’t want to end up like my mother.

25 thoughts on “Generation 4 Heir Vote

    • They are very beautiful girls, Ashleigh’s nose is definitely a dominant gene in the family.
      It basically boils down to where you want the story to begin. Isabelle’s will be beginning at rock bottom and then be going on a rollercoaster.
      Hayley’s will begin a bit happier and then be going on a rollercoaster. But I want a happy ending to this generation. πŸ˜› Every now and then a happy ending isn’t too unrealistic

  1. Hey I just found your story and have really enjoyed it. Hope another chapter gets posted soon, since it looks like its been a while since any updates. Keep on simming. ❀

    • A new Chapter was posted a few days ago, You need to look in the Side stories, hover over Gen 3 and there is Hayley Side Story and Isabelle’s Side Story. Generation 3 has officially ended however I am using the side stories to close up any loose plot points. πŸ™‚

      • Ooo yay! I’d been using the links at the bottom of each chapter and didn’t even check the menu. Haha silly me. Thanks for the guidance. I look forward to continuing to read your awesome story with all the lovely sims you have. The genetics are absolutely stunning to see in each photo. πŸ˜€

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