I am having a hard time with this lately, been having sims 3 problems (but that’s normal) Also just been not really enjoying this leagacy anymore, even though I absolutely adore the characters.

And laptop issues that are making my graphics worse.


Due to all these reasons I am having a hiatus from this legacy until I get a new PC, which may take years. So this may very well be a cancellation.




I love Hayley and Nico and my little Simm family far too much to say goodbye so I have created a RP sim twitter (Here) and RP sim tumblr (Here) where you could still see the Simm family and what they get up to if you want to.

You could also follow my main tumblr (Here)


Thank you for all the comments, views and readers of this legacy and I apologise that I have had to do this.

10 thoughts on “Haitus/cancellation

  1. Ahh too bad, but writing should be fun above all. It was great reading your legacy and awesome that you’re sort-of continueing their stories on Twitter!

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