Chapter 6: Lunar becomes a big sister!

Ashleigh found out she was 3 months pregnant. That meant that she must have fallen pregnant while in China. Her happiness about her pregnancy almost made her forget about the threatening letters. Screenshot-233She wanted to tell Aaron that night, however she didn’t know how to bring up the topic. She was going back to the hospital next week for an ultrasound. She would tell him then. of course she would. A week later, Ashleigh woke up in an empty bed, with a note saying Aaron had gone to the gym for an early morning swim, she sighed and went to get Lunar.Screenshot-236“Oh baby girl, How am I supposed to tell daddy I’m having a baby if he spends all his time at the gym?”

“Mummy hungee! Mummy hungee!” Lunar shouted, Ashleigh couldn’t help but smile. Lunar was almost 3. Aaron loved Lunar and would occasionally play with her or hold her. But he had never done anything for her. Screenshot-242Ashleigh gave her a bottle while she cooked herself breakfast. once her pancakes were cooked and she had made some porridge for Lunar they sat down to eat together.Screenshot-243“Babe use your spoon like a big girl.”

After they had finished eating and Ashleigh had gotten dressed They played a game of hide and seek, Ashley could hear giggling coming from the toybox…Screenshot-247“Boo! Me gots horsie Mummy!”Screenshot-245Then it was time to go to the hospital for her ultrasound, she took Lunar with her.Screenshot-248 Screenshot-249At the hospital, Ashleigh bought a picture of the baby and hung it up on the wall. Screenshot-251When Aaron came back from the gym he was understandably suspicious of the picture on the wall, “Uh babe? Please tell me that is just a new painting?”Screenshot-252“Uh well Aaron, I didn’t know how to tell you this…But I’m pregnant!”Screenshot-253Aaron gave a false smile, “You’re kidding right? Please tell me you’re joking!”Screenshot-254Despite Aaron’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction to Ashleigh’s pregnancy, he did eventually come round to the idea of having another baby and some mornings he would play peek a boo with her growing bump,Screenshot-261He would place his hands on his wife’s stomach to feel the baby kick, He even helped pick out baby names!Screenshot-259 Screenshot-272“I like Eliza for a girl hun, how about you?”

“Eliza is a bit too close to Elizabeth. I want our baby to have their own name. not somebody else’s nickname. What about Edward for a boy?”

“Edward? a bit old fashioned isnt it? Well instead of Eliza for a girl, how about Elijah for a boy? He could get Eli for short?”

“Eli? I like it. And If the baby is a girl I want to name her after her wonderful father.”

“Aaron for a girl?”

“No! Erin! Erin Simm. Has a nice ring to it doesnt it?”

“It’s beautiful. Erin or Elijah,

Screenshot-263Early one morning, Ashleigh went into labour 6 weeks early. Aaron was understandably panicked. “This Cannot Be Happening! Shut your legs! Just keep it in for another few weeks!” Screenshot-265“Do something useful! Get a babysitter and get me to the f***ing hospital!” Ashleigh screamed between contractions. So they rushed to the hospital.Screenshot-266And arrived home with a small pink bundle in their armsScreenshot-267Meet possible heir, Erin Simm, She randomly rolled the traits Disciplined and Insane. Ashleigh fed her and placed her in the swing. Where she immediately fell asleepScreenshot-269 Screenshot-270 Screenshot-271

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