Chapter 9: The Doctors make their move.

When they got home, The front door was open. And there was a fire. Ashleigh didn’t know how this had happened. She had locked up the house before they left. and they hadn’t turned the fire on since Winter.Screenshot-330The only logical reason was that somebody had been here. Somebody who wanted them dead. Somebody who wanted to scare them. Somebody who had known Ashleigh when she was just an embryo…The Doctors…Aaron and Lunar pannicked. But Ashleigh was calm. She knew they would live. This time.Screenshot-331 Screenshot-333Little Erin just stared at the fire. Perhaps she was just mimicking her mothers calmness, or maybe she could sense there was something more to this than meets the eye. Either way the fire-fighter soon put it out with minimal damage to the furniture.Screenshot-334The fire left ugly black scorch marks on the wooden flooring. Marks that reminded Ashleigh of The Black Spot. Marked for death. They were coming to kill her family now. That was the consequence for not going to her death.Screenshot-356Lunar had her first day of school. And was not impressed at being woke up at 4am by Erin’s screaming.Screenshot-337When the whole family had woke up, Lunar gave Ashley a bottle before heading off to get on the school bus.Screenshot-339She clearly thought having her first day on a Friday was absolutely pointless because she scowled the whole way there.Screenshot-341She hated all aspects of school. Especially homework.Screenshot-345The only thing she did love was coming home so that she could spend time with her little sister. Sure she could be annoying but when she was a bit bigger she would have someone to play with wouldn’t she?Screenshot-353“ocket.”

“That’s right sis. I came from a rocket!”Screenshot-354When it was time for Lunar to go to bed. She couldn’t help but lean over Erin’s crib and watch her sleep.Screenshot-355

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 9: The Doctors make their move.

  1. Poor Lunar. I wasn’t a fan of homework, either.

    A fire! Those doctors sure are trying to warn her off. I’m curious to know why they don’t just step in and do something. I mean, if the mothers are killed immediately after they give birth, then why isn’t she dead? I’m very curious to know if something else is going on.

  2. Yeah, I’d say a fire while nobody is home is much better than having your throat slit, haha. I’m glad that Ash made the distinction that her children are much better off with her in their lives. I like Aaron, but I have a feeling he’d be a very unpleasant single father.

    Erin is a smart little girl, and her eyes are lovely. If she gets any competition for heir, she’ll be hard to beat.

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